I'm a designer specialized in User Experience, System, Branding and Print Design.

I had the pleasure working with friends from AdWords, Google Payments, Google Case, Data Studio, Citrix and Design Reactor; serviced clients such as HP, Nike, SAP to name a few. Below is a preview of some of my work.

Keywords AWN

Enhanced Keywords Overall Experience which Impacts 90% of AdWords Campaign revenue

Keywords creation & management is the core of search advertising in AdWords representing ~90% of Google’s advertising revenue. This project was the first few from the AdWords Next (AWN) MVP bucket list. The set of launches enables Google’s business user enjoy brand new materialized design for the first time, also provides a streamline process for user to manage Keywords, Negative keywords and Search terms in a holistic view.

MCC {X Man} & {Next}

Led the design to streamlined Account manager experience that is Linked to 85% of AdWords Revenue

MCC (My client center) provides capabilities for advertisers to manage cross-account performance and reporting. A manager account can support up to 6-levels nested hierarchies & 8000 accounts.

  • Project X man empasses a series of successful launches including Recently access accounts, Archiving accounts, Admin view, Sub manager view, Large hierarchy and large hierarchy interactive. It was a complete overhaul of the MCC accounts dashboard. Made it possible for large advertisers to view & manage cross-accounts campaigns for the first time.
  • MCC AdWords Next was designed & integrated with Material design principles. The nested table component was introduced to meet both large and small manager accounts’ unique needs and later-on adapted by other Ads & Commerce products.

Recently access accounts

Archiving accounts

Admin View

Sub manager view

Large hierarchy view

Interactive hierarchy

Google Orders deprecation {ABBA}

Created modular and component-based design system for 7000+ active users monthly and will impact 70% of Google revenue

Google Orders supports Billing customer related requests & approvals, has ~7000 users spanning across 40+ teams (credit, Finance, Legal, etc), processed over millions requests & approvals which sum up to hundred million dollars, on a monthly basis, and was due for overhaul for 4 years. Project ABBA was the biggest deprecation & migration Payments tools team has ever encountered. It impacts 55+ monetized & non-monetized Google products that have customers spanning across 234 countries & territories. It is the 1st suite of internal tools missioned to improve user experience as well as to be compliant with material design principles. The new launched experience delivers 4 brand new approval tools, 3 workflows and 1 signup flow with 41 unique use cases.

Oracle to J migration {O to J}

Payments team initiated the effort to bring Billing functionalities in-house, removing the over reliance on 3rd party tools like Oracle.

  • One of the major functionality Oracle supports is manual invoice creation for products (Total 49 + future products). I’ve re-image the workflow of the Manual Billing Tool to optimized the experience for usage injection. It supports both single and bulk invoice generation. The new system automatically validates errors (syntax, format and customer info) and returns clear guidance on where & how to fix the errors. User will be able to upload files and review errors in session, removing the need for 4 eyes cross checking and ensuring data accuracy.
  • Billing modification has the largest use case in billing internal tools systems. The brand new experience remove the friction between requestor, approver and processor by allowing them to operate and review on the same view with real time data update; requestors can make invoice adjustment inline for the first time; simplified the adjustment types and reduced them from 9 to 3; removed the friction of having user request billing modifications and rebills separately; introduced auto error validation and auto process after approval, instead of manually downloading CSV files and re-upload adjusted files for approval.
  • Designed the brand new Tax exemption request and approval experience to allow both self-serve (external user) and terms customer (ICS user) request for tax exemption. Introduced new materialized workflow for the tax team to approve exemption cases more easily and efficiently.

Bring Billing functionalities in-house, remove the reliance of 3rd party tools

Manual Billing Tool

Billing Modification Request & Approval Experiece

Tax Exemption Request & Approval Experience

Payments tools CUJ

Over 70+ Tools & their clients landscape reflection

There are over 70+ tools, 40+ops teams working dependently or parallel serving Google customers. Managing or maintaining these tools, knowing/remembering which tool does what was extremely hard. This CUJs was created to reflect the evolving landscape of Payments product offerings. Help new or existing team members and PM & Eng partners understand Payments internal tools ecosystem, and also identify gaps between tools and workflows.

Cases Vision

Next generation of Cases experience

Data studio
error messaging pattern

Design and shipped error messaging system & pattern for general user, admin and developer that span across Data studio infrastructure, App script infrastructure and app script code from 3rd party developer.

Receiver X1

Secure enterprise App Store

Receiver X1 is an enterprise app store which replaced WorxHome, WorxStore and Receiver, enable enterprise users to customize their own app store. This particular design was demoed at Citrix Synergy 2014 on stage.

Xenmobile Unified Console

A unified experience of MDM and MAM solution to optimize Admins’everyday workflow. Created a workspace that's simple, secure and easy to manage.

Worx Suite

Suite of apps tailor to improve work & communication of business user

Worx is a series of applications designed to help business user to communicate and work more efficiently and securely.

  • Worx Home is the easiest way to get your work apps and data and to get help when you need it.
  • Worx Mail keeps you connected. You can confidently turn your mobile device into a business tool without compromising your personal data.
  • Worx Notes lets users manage their notes on their mobile devices. Users can create, share, and organize notes that contain text, photos, or audio.
  • Worx Voice provides customer a hands free experience when they are on the go and need to work on email or calendar.

Sample work from DR

Sample projects of various mobile apps, product websites, event sites and product demo videos

Google Engage Event App

HP Discover 2012

Design Reactor Website 2013

launch site

Google Coordinate Video

launch video

Lithium Event App 2013


launch video

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